Banshee – Fingers


I’ve spent a long time trying to come up with the perfect way to get Banshee’s fingers to look right. 


MY HAND SIZED – Was obviously WAY too big. (but perhaps for Bouncer…) I now have a blue felt patchwork glove…. kinda rad. 
MITTEN HAND – Did not like, turned into…
HAND PATTERN(MITTEN HAND WITH FINGERS SEWN IN) – pictured, I didn’t like the mitten look because all the pictures I’ve drawn of Banshee he has these loooooong fingers. (to WRAP AROUND YOUR NECK)
FINGERS SEPARATE  – I sewed a mock up with each finger made from a seperate triangle, (helps with the pointy) Didn’t work. Looked very questionable…kinda like a starfish. 

I finally decided I would just have them as separate pieces of flat fabric As you can see pictured. The trick was to cut them against the elastic stretch of the fabric so the fingers don’t stretch out all stringy. 

Harlot – Hair


I glued the hair with fabric glue, begun to wonder if I should have padded under it to give it more body.

And if I cut it too short. 

Le sigh. 

Fabric glue is really noxious. The cut on my finger would throb any time it got near the stuff.

Very bizarre.

Anyway I’ve begun to sew her dress. Its patchwork with the same black thread, however I have realized that this thread has been rubbing dye onto the material of her body. This is most distressing as I dont believe I can get it out. I will have to come up with a different material for the ‘straps’  around her torso. 

The materials for her dress are different pieces of several different fabrics. From Ties to CareBears fabric (the pink ones XD) to old Xmas socks.

Super cool

I’m super sleepy right now. 

Harlot – Body


This is Harlots body! Yay.

Took me a few tries to get the shape I wanted. And I personally think the legs are too close together, I may unstitch and redo that part…. although I’d have to do it before putting the head on…Damn and I just realized I’ve already put the pellets in…

In stuffing them I am using a mix of pellets and standard plushie flush. The pellets are to give them a bit more weight, allowing them to sit up instead of flop over.
Thats the hope anyway.