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Tybalt – The Hat


The most important element of Tybalt’s character is of course the over-sized hat. In face I suppose it could be argued that Tybalt is either just the hat or the hat is merely wearing Tybalt as a vehicle towards its evil ends. None the less, I see them as a single character, the hat acting as a more visual symbol of the more mental issues surrounding impulse control and gluttonous behavior. The eyes are bigger than the stomach and all that. Or in this case I suppose the Hat is bigger than yer bloody torso. 

It also has fangs.

I have since read that my own nail biting habit is an impulse control disorder related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have had a former roommate tell me that I was extremely OCD, to the point where she bought me a pin that had some joke about being OCD….. I was extremely confused at the time since I do not find myself to be all that OCD, just rather particular about certain things.

I suppose my OCDness could explain my rather desperate need to keep my bedroom as I like it and not have any alien influences. I get extremely put off when things get changed by outside parties, such as when my bed was replaced with my bed from college, I threw a huge hissy fit and was in a black mood for weeks. I wonder if that is technically OCD?

None of this is really related of course, but I suppose this is to track my own reflections on each doll as well as their own individual progress. 

Tybalt – Hands

TYBALT – Hands

The hands, grasping, contorting, clutching
Were most important to make right. It took several tries to find a design worthy of Gluttony. 

none of those pictured were used in the end. 
It took several tries over a couple days to find them. But I eventually succeeded. 

Which was good, since it would take several more days to navigate Tybalt’s ever present mind-munching hat. 

Navigating Gluttony

Well I had to allow myself chocolate before I could go back to Tybalt. Gotta keep in with the theme and all that.

hand1Been working on Tybalt’s hands. They’re articulated with pipe cleaners covered by the same fleece I’ve been using for the bodies. I think Gluttony needs to be able to grasp things non?


Less so than Greed but still, theres an element of needing to hold on.

I continually have this issue that if something isn’t quite right, isn’t yet the way its meant to be…it won’t work for me.

Tybalt’s hands are almost right but I need to rethink his arms…

Like I continue to say, Gluttony to me is about lack of impulse control not limited to food. In this way theres a crossover with the other sins, although to be honest I think they all have similarities between them. handsize

Tybalt – Gluttony Begins

TYBALT – Beginning

This is the Beginning of Tybalt, the LittleDead of Gluttony. Why the name Tybalt? Well Tybalt’s Ego is Helena, so I was looking for a Shakespearean theme with their names. I do realize they are from different plays.

For some reason Gluttony it me is more than simply eating forever, its about the inability to control one’s impulses. For that reason Tybalt is extremely mischievous and occasionally malicious.


Banshee – Almost Done

BANSHEE – Almost done

As you can see, Banshee is almost done. I have finished the sleeves and the dress and he now has hair (yay)

He is currently missing his headband, which is very important, so he is not yet done.

The headband is actually more of a circlet really. 
Anyway, I shall probably finish that later tonight after I write my essay. 
I will also upload the original designs 

Banshee – Body

As you can see, Banshee now has arms and hands and a head all attached!

I gave him elbows and knees.

I changed the filling a little bit and I’m honestly not sure if I like it. Last time I sewed the pellets in a pack that I dropped in first to make Harlot more bottom heavy, this time I just filled the torso with the pellet filling before stuffing the rest with filler. Banshee seems to have a harder time sitting on  the stand I made than Harlot but that might be because his dress isn’t done yet.

Banshee – Fingers


I’ve spent a long time trying to come up with the perfect way to get Banshee’s fingers to look right. 


MY HAND SIZED – Was obviously WAY too big. (but perhaps for Bouncer…) I now have a blue felt patchwork glove…. kinda rad. 
MITTEN HAND – Did not like, turned into…
HAND PATTERN(MITTEN HAND WITH FINGERS SEWN IN) – pictured, I didn’t like the mitten look because all the pictures I’ve drawn of Banshee he has these loooooong fingers. (to WRAP AROUND YOUR NECK)
FINGERS SEPARATE  – I sewed a mock up with each finger made from a seperate triangle, (helps with the pointy) Didn’t work. Looked very questionable…kinda like a starfish. 

I finally decided I would just have them as separate pieces of flat fabric As you can see pictured. The trick was to cut them against the elastic stretch of the fabric so the fingers don’t stretch out all stringy.