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I have been drawing creepy dead girls for about six to seven years now. Although my father points to a drawing I drew at age 6 as the true beginning of LDG. 

LittleDead’s are not really about the shock factor, or the about the cute creepy iconography. They are my own reaction and struggle to conceptualize the strange twisted loss of innocence in each of us.

My LittleDead’s came about through watching my friends slowly lose their childlike innocence. They became jaded, at least to my eyes. The world removes your rose tinted glasses and gives you cracked jaded ones, and you’re slowly dying a little more each day. You’re insides are LittleDeads. 

LittleDead was my reaction.
An intense desire to hold onto that innocence 

As absolutely depressing as this all sounds, LittleDeads are not about being jaded, or being lost, or even about death. To me, LittleDeads are about Hope. They keep your innocence for you, for they are the remnants. They’re the personification of your inner child after a lifetime of battering by society, but they persist. They Exist. Much like Hope in Pandora’s box, they continue to survive.