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Ophelia – Begin Hair Sequence

OPHELIA – Begin Hair sequence now

I bought Ophelia a present today and it seems to have pacified her. Whenever she doesn’t work with me it seems to be because I’m doing something wrong. She refused sit so I took off her head and then noticed that the seams in her legs were coming undone…. she’s been very patient today, such a good girl. She wants to be perfect for me.
I’ve been working on her hair tonight, its kind of her essence really, I had forgotten in my haste to finish. (Hear that mum? I shouldn’t just rush everything)

Ophelia has 2 layers of hair plus her bangs, as you can see in picture 3.
Unfortunately I had problems with the bangs several times as illustrated by photo 4…. they kept coming out the wrong direction (picture 4)

I’ll have pictures up of the final styling soon….its very pretty

Banshee – Almost Done

BANSHEE – Almost done

As you can see, Banshee is almost done. I have finished the sleeves and the dress and he now has hair (yay)

He is currently missing his headband, which is very important, so he is not yet done.

The headband is actually more of a circlet really. 
Anyway, I shall probably finish that later tonight after I write my essay. 
I will also upload the original designs