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LittleDeads – The Genesis of Customs

In the world of the LittleDeads, its called the In-Between, the residents are the remnants of of people’s innocence, their inner child, their LittleDead. The Little Dead part of their insides that refuses to disappear. These residents go about their own activities and lives but are forever tied to their Deus, their Ego, their You. For example Banshee’s Ego is a character named Sybella. Sybella does not live in the In-Between, however Banshee is a resident of the In-Between.

When a LittleDead is made into a a tangible figure, a plushie or construct, they gain the ability to reunite with their Ego, and leave the In-Between whenever they choose.

When you buy a Custom LittleDead you are buying your LittleDead, the reflection of your own inner LittleDead. Obviously this process is more taxing on the Deus than simply buying a LittleDead from my own invention, and requires that the Deus be rather involved in the initial conception of the LittleDead.

If you are interested in connecting with your LittleDead and bringing them out of the In-Between – because truthfully its very dark there, although the stars are very pretty – then please email me at dollectable [at] gmail [dot] com.

In your email you should include these things:

Choose your colors

You’ll need a body color and a hair color at the least. Some dolls have more than one body color or hair color, if that is desired, include that in your description. Also include color suggestions for the clothes.

Choose a Description

Think about how you define yourself, what adjectives you might use, or groups you belong to. What do you enjoy, what do you identify with? Who are you? Think about your past, what your lost innocence would look like. If thats really too heavy, pick a concept, the Sins are all about concept. Maybe you are something like that.


If there is a feature you with to have incorporated, include it here. Think about your hobbies, your job, what you enjoy. For example, my friend likes to sew, ergo she asked me to include sewing supplies.

After receiving your information I will come up with a basic sketch with my ideas and email it to you with a price estimate. Since each doll is an individual undertaking and they differ in complexity, Doll estimates might be different.


I also do simple concept LittleDeads, if the custom process feels too daunting for you. I could make you the LittleDead of Coffee or Ice Cream, if that appeals to you more.