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Bouncer – Concept

BOUNCER – Sketchs

More terrible photos of my sketches ! Hurrah!

The first is a picture of the overall design, the second is a look at my wonderfully awful selection of colored pencils and color schemes.

Bouncer’s color scheme is highly influenced by a hiphop designer I happen to be a fan of by the name of Artful Dodger. Unfortunately the brand has apparently declined since it was allegedly bought by Jay-Z, since none of the current stock is anything like the original pieces I bought four years ago, http://www.cootrade.com/uploadimages/Men%20Artful%20Dodger%20Hoody-026.jpg is an image that closely approximates the aesthetic I truly admired in the earlier work by this designer. Artful Dodger [used] to marry Victorian Imagery with a HipHop and Graffiti aesthetic. It was truly remarkable….. 
However what I see now when I search the  designer is nothing like that. Its a pity. 

ANYWAY, Bouncer’s color scheme is based heavily on Artful Dodgers color scheme. This is mainly because I had thrown some of the fleece I’ve been using over on the drawers and I glanced over and the colors that fell together were wonderful in a very IN YOUR FACE kind of way. They reminded me of my Artful Dodger Tshirts and I realized that pop culture aesthetic was truly perfect for Greed. 

Banshee – Concept Art

Banshee Concept ArtBANSHEE – Production sketch

This is really the sketch that began the whole project. It was late at night I believe and I had the urge to just draw. Not try to control it but draw. And I wanted to draw something a it creepy. A bit different and odd.
Banshee was the result.
I tried to keep the doll as close to the original design as possibly, although I did shorten the dress. I even tried to match fabric to the fabric drawn in this image.

Major changes were the change from heterochromia and the side the bangs  fell on I suppose. And the elimination of the neck.
As you can see, these dolls are meant to be pierced with pins, as per their voodoo like status.

Harlot – Concept Art


This is the design for Harlot, the LittleDead of Ariana, very loosely based on the idea of Envy.

I tried to symbolize this by sewing over her eyes, as she is blind to reality, but giving her a third eye in her chest, showing her constant desire for more.

She has no arms, unlike some of the LittleDeads, because she is so wrapped up in her desires she cannot grasp reality.
Littledeads have four arms generally speaking. As you can see, hers are being used as bindings across her chest both above and below her third eye.

I decided to go with Reds and pinks for Harlot, and her base tone is a light yellow.