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Sewing Spheres

Well I’ve been experimenting with how to sew rag doll heads, and I’ve realized its rather difficult to get the sphere shape I want. I had to try about four times before creating something I was more or less happy with

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I did some research and asked a plushie expert and her recommendation has worked so far. Four Oval like objects, Width = 1/4 of Height. Seems obvious now.

Have realized I will have to redo the face on the one I did manage because I do not like the aesthetic of puff paint instead of thread. Its just shiny and freakin weird.  

LittleDead – The start of the project

So as my home side project I’ve been working on doll designs.
For two reasons mainly, I’ve been wanting to do my own dolls for three years, and I have found a project that mixes all of my talents together.
What it comes down to is a series of 7 plush dolls, each based off a different idea and character. They each have a house and all live in the same environment, which is a kind of creepy twilight zone.
I don’t know if I’ll ever get a space to present the full piece in, its a HUGE installation. My preliminary sketches will be up later this week as well as pictures of the doll designs.
The image attached is a vector image I created based on the characters heads. I have a 7th but I have yet to decide on the design.

Anyway. VoodooRagDoll AHOY!