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Jezebelle – Hair


I have more or less finished attaching Jez’s hair, as you can see

Her hair is curly but different from Ophie’s so its been a bit of a challenge.

I used an IRON for the first time since starting this project…yay me.

Jez has bunny ears, as you can see, her twin Diana has cat ears…… it makes sense I swear. XP

Anyhow, now I have to finish the hair, dress her, and go buy her eyes (same color as Envy’s but I only have one left)jez-ears jezhair

Lucky Patcher Is A User-Friendly Application

Lucky Patcher is an android app that permits you to tweak the apps installed on your Android device according to your will. You can remove Google ads by lucky patcher Apk and change the permissions required for different apps (e.g., moving an android app from phone memory to memory card), create backups of apps installed in your device, and much more. But you can avail all these facilities only if you have a rooted android device. Now first you need to know what exactly a patcher is.

What is a patcher?

Patcher is a software which installs patches on your device. Now, what is a patch? A patch is nothing but a piece of software designed to update a computer program, or it’s supporting data or the operating system, to fix or improve it. Patches can be used to fix bugs and also making the app more user-friendly. Lucky Patcher is just a patching program which helps you to take control over installed apps on your device and apply different tweaks.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an android app used to gain authority over apps installed on your device. But this patcher is exclusive to rooted devices only. Lucky Patcher will give you freedom and authority to block unnecessary advertisements, unlock paid apps, remove the license verification, extract the APK file to do a backup, view the app’s information, delete additional data and many more. In short, you can say that the Lucky Patcher gives you total control of the apps installed on your device.

How to install Lucky Patcher?

Now here comes the tricky part. Lucky patcher is only exclusive to rooted else you cannot access all of the major features of this app. So first you have to root your android device, which is not that difficult. You need to install tools like TowelRoot or KingRoot. Once you have installed any of these APKs, you’re just one click away from getting your device rooted. Yes, It’s that easy. Now after your android device is rooted, you’ll need to install the Lucky Patcher app. This app is easily available. Once you’ve installed this app, it’ll require root access, and once the permission is given by the user, it’s all ready to use.

How to use the Lucky Patcher?

Once you’ve completed the above-mentioned steps, you’ll see a yellow smiley icon on your Android device. That is the Lucky Patcher app. Then you’ve to run the app. You’ll get a list of all your installed apps alongside the actions you can do with them. Also, you’ll see a display of color codes on the title that indicates the compatibility with the tool when it comes to doing certain operations. The color codes are explained hereby: Green means that the app can be registered and disconnected from Google Play, Yellow color means that this app has a specific patch available, Blue indicates that this app Includes Google Ads, Purple signifies a system startup app, Orange color means that it’s a system app and Red means that the app cannot be modified.

So you can say that this tiny app can be highly helpful and can be used to check the trustworthiness of different apps installed from the darkest corners of the internet.

Sewing Spheres

Well I’ve been experimenting with how to sew rag doll heads, and I’ve realized its rather difficult to get the sphere shape I want. I had to try about four times before creating something I was more or less happy with

In the errand supervisor of Windows 10 or 8.1, you will have the capacity to find WMI supplier have running as a procedure with the name. It remains for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider benefit. When you change to the Process Explorer in the assignment director, it is shown as a segment of the Web-Based Enterprise System and furthermore of the Common Information Model (CIM) of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) of Windows. Mother was before known as SCOM (System Center Operations Manager).

I did some research and asked a plushie expert and her recommendation has worked so far. Four Oval like objects, Width = 1/4 of Height. Seems obvious now.

Have realized I will have to redo the face on the one I did manage because I do not like the aesthetic of puff paint instead of thread. Its just shiny and freakin weird.