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I’ve been quite active recently, churning out the bases for numerous LDs and designing them up the wazoo.

Gotta love it when you find something you’re good at no?

So The names, from left to right in the first pic are Cordial, Meringue, Mimosa, and Octavia.
If you’ve followed the blarg, you will have already seen Octavia’s design. TENTACLE ARMS FTW!

Mimosa needs new eyes, they have to match the shading of Meringue and Cordial since they’re in a set of four. So a dark orange. Bah. Brown is so not right.

On the up and up

So in a minor update, I havent been sewing recently because my studio is filled with moving boxes. Its rather irritating. The room needs new storage facilities and Mum and I are debating how they should go. However whenever we’re about to get started something happens…… Like Appendicitis.
Anyway, in my spare time, which I now have a lot of as I am stuck in bed recovering from surgery, I have been designing LDs based on tentacled sea creatures. After designing a generic octopus inspired LD named Sheila, I worked on a LD based on my favorite tentacled sea creature,Vampyroteuthis infernalis, THE VAMPIRE SQUID FROM HELL. I’m debating names at the moment, but what exactly do you name a vampire squid from hell?


I’ve decided I want to build dolls of the LittleDeads counterparts, using BJDs as the modding base. a BJD is a Ball Jointed Doll that I happen to collect. Many people mod them and I intend to do just that.

I will start with Ariana the Deus of Envy, because for some reason her concept is always strongest in my mind.

I’m debated whether or not she will have hands. Its sort of a ongoing debate in my mind….


Banshee was really the beginning of the doll project and the first LittleDeadSin I came up with. He actually evolved as the familiar of a character Sybella, and I ended up taking this idea and expanding it into my LittleDead world. 

Each LittleDeadSin is connected with a character and they play off one another. 

Sybella is Quiet Supressed Anger. She is the softly seething serpent, waiting for a chance to strike. Banshee is her opposite. He is loud and abrasive, quick to take offense and argumentative. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and he says exactly what he feels. 


I have been drawing creepy dead girls for about six to seven years now. Although my father points to a drawing I drew at age 6 as the true beginning of LDG. 

LittleDead’s are not really about the shock factor, or the about the cute creepy iconography. They are my own reaction and struggle to conceptualize the strange twisted loss of innocence in each of us.

My LittleDead’s came about through watching my friends slowly lose their childlike innocence. They became jaded, at least to my eyes. The world removes your rose tinted glasses and gives you cracked jaded ones, and you’re slowly dying a little more each day. You’re insides are LittleDeads. 

LittleDead was my reaction.
An intense desire to hold onto that innocence 

As absolutely depressing as this all sounds, LittleDeads are not about being jaded, or being lost, or even about death. To me, LittleDeads are about Hope. They keep your innocence for you, for they are the remnants. They’re the personification of your inner child after a lifetime of battering by society, but they persist. They Exist. Much like Hope in Pandora’s box, they continue to survive.