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I’ve been quite active recently, churning out the bases for numerous LDs and designing them up the wazoo.

Gotta love it when you find something you’re good at no?

So The names, from left to right in the first pic are Cordial, Meringue, Mimosa, and Octavia.
If you’ve followed the blarg, you will have already seen Octavia’s design. TENTACLE ARMS FTW!

Mimosa needs new eyes, they have to match the shading of Meringue and Cordial since they’re in a set of four. So a dark orange. Bah. Brown is so not right.

On the up and up

So in a minor update, I havent been sewing recently because my studio is filled with moving boxes. Its rather irritating. The room needs new storage facilities and Mum and I are debating how they should go. However whenever we’re about to get started something happens…… Like Appendicitis.
Anyway, in my spare time, which I now have a lot of as I am stuck in bed recovering from surgery, I have been designing LDs based on tentacled sea creatures. After designing a generic octopus inspired LD named Sheila, I worked on a LD based on my favorite tentacled sea creature,Vampyroteuthis infernalis, THE VAMPIRE SQUID FROM HELL. I’m debating names at the moment, but what exactly do you name a vampire squid from hell?

Day 3 On my way home

Actually the title lies, I’m already home. 
I finished up, coated it in paint, lazer cut the titles, made a project titleer thing thats part of the piece., Got ultra sunburned (I am extremely lightskinned and my shoulders are now the color of salmon…… I can’t wear tank tops it hurts so bad)
Went to Anna’s fashion show in SF and am now home……

I am exhaustezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Day 2 Siesta

Welding is a very hot activity. You have to wear leather and layers all over to protect yourself from the OMG BURNING HOT that is the welding point. And then you can’t touch it or you DIE! I’m kidding. You just get gnarly burns.

Anyway, Its 3pm and the sun is beating down like hell on a pancake so I am taking a siesta.

I have looked at how the dolls sit in the tree and it has make me realize that three branches is not enough. Each doll really just needs their own branch., And in the photos I have Ophelia on the bottom but really she cannot truly express her existential angst when no one can appreciate her beautiful desolation…. So she needs to be higher.
I also had planned on putting two dolls on one branch but I have realized that might be too busy. I kind of want metal name tags for them  but I dont know if I have time to learn to use the lazer cutter.
I’ll have to see.

Day 1 Conclusion

I am sitting in my hotel room (wonderfully furnished by my darling and adoring parents) ((I had originally planned on sleeping in my car))(((this room is much more comfortable)))((((And it has a shower))))
So I shall conclude Day 1.

Build is going well, I have an unfortunate lack of materials though. Usually I just use scrap but there is a SHOCKING lack of scrap metal about because of the clean up last week.

I may have to head to Urban Ore for reinforcements.

Other than that, its going well. I’m sunburned and my top lip tingles for some reason….. kinda worrying.

I only set myself on fire once. The edge of my work jeans caught on fire but I dealt with it quickly enough. In my long history of welding this has only happened three times, I suppose I find it interesting.

I decided to leave for the night due to the lack of good parts, I am going to wake up early and salvage more from the metal shop. 

Part of me wonders if I should “plush” the tree as well. Wrap it in black material. 

I’m highly considering it…..