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Banshee – Concept Art

Banshee Concept ArtBANSHEE – Production sketch

This is really the sketch that began the whole project. It was late at night I believe and I had the urge to just draw. Not try to control it but draw. And I wanted to draw something a it creepy. A bit different and odd.
Banshee was the result.
I tried to keep the doll as close to the original design as possibly, although I did shorten the dress. I even tried to match fabric to the fabric drawn in this image.

Major changes were the change from heterochromia and the side the bangs  fell on I suppose. And the elimination of the neck.
As you can see, these dolls are meant to be pierced with pins, as per their voodoo like status.


Banshee was really the beginning of the doll project and the first LittleDeadSin I came up with. He actually evolved as the familiar of a character Sybella, and I ended up taking this idea and expanding it into my LittleDead world. 

Each LittleDeadSin is connected with a character and they play off one another. 

Sybella is Quiet Supressed Anger. She is the softly seething serpent, waiting for a chance to strike. Banshee is her opposite. He is loud and abrasive, quick to take offense and argumentative. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and he says exactly what he feels. 

Banshee – Almost Done

BANSHEE – Almost done

As you can see, Banshee is almost done. I have finished the sleeves and the dress and he now has hair (yay)

He is currently missing his headband, which is very important, so he is not yet done.

The headband is actually more of a circlet really. 
Anyway, I shall probably finish that later tonight after I write my essay. 
I will also upload the original designs 

Banshee – Body

As you can see, Banshee now has arms and hands and a head all attached!

I gave him elbows and knees.

I changed the filling a little bit and I’m honestly not sure if I like it. Last time I sewed the pellets in a pack that I dropped in first to make Harlot more bottom heavy, this time I just filled the torso with the pellet filling before stuffing the rest with filler. Banshee seems to have a harder time sitting on  the stand I made than Harlot but that might be because his dress isn’t done yet.

Banshee – Fingers


I’ve spent a long time trying to come up with the perfect way to get Banshee’s fingers to look right. 


MY HAND SIZED – Was obviously WAY too big. (but perhaps for Bouncer…) I now have a blue felt patchwork glove…. kinda rad. 
MITTEN HAND – Did not like, turned into…
HAND PATTERN(MITTEN HAND WITH FINGERS SEWN IN) – pictured, I didn’t like the mitten look because all the pictures I’ve drawn of Banshee he has these loooooong fingers. (to WRAP AROUND YOUR NECK)
FINGERS SEPARATE  – I sewed a mock up with each finger made from a seperate triangle, (helps with the pointy) Didn’t work. Looked very questionable…kinda like a starfish. 

I finally decided I would just have them as separate pieces of flat fabric As you can see pictured. The trick was to cut them against the elastic stretch of the fabric so the fingers don’t stretch out all stringy.