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Ophelia – Begin Hair Sequence

OPHELIA – Begin Hair sequence now

I bought Ophelia a present today and it seems to have pacified her. Whenever she doesn’t work with me it seems to be because I’m doing something wrong. She refused sit so I took off her head and then noticed that the seams in her legs were coming undone…. she’s been very patient today, such a good girl. She wants to be perfect for me.
I’ve been working on her hair tonight, its kind of her essence really, I had forgotten in my haste to finish. (Hear that mum? I shouldn’t just rush everything)

Ophelia has 2 layers of hair plus her bangs, as you can see in picture 3.
Unfortunately I had problems with the bangs several times as illustrated by photo 4…. they kept coming out the wrong direction (picture 4)

I’ll have pictures up of the final styling soon….its very pretty

Suffering Sloth

In a true example of my current doll Sloth, I didn’t work on her for a week. 
Now I think she’s angry with me. Or at least apathetic to helping me.

Everything I do is wrong. I’ve redone her eyes three of four times but am never happy with them. I have to be careful since the black thread I’m using tends to leave dye traces on the yellow material. I’ve pinned multiple outfits to her. I’ve re-sewn her hair twice and I just had to fix her mouth.

Honestly I’ve been working for the last five hours and have very little to show for it. I’m getting slightly worried that she’s being irritable on purpose. Her outfit doesn’t lend to the same patchwork quality of Banshee or Harlot, being much more drapey and flowing. 

Drapey is apparently not a word.

Perhaps I am experiencing the essence of Sloth….. where nothing gets done regardless of effort or lack thereof.

Ophelia – Sloth and Mistakes

OPHELIA – Mistakes

During my first go at Ophelia’s head, I make a rather drastic mistake and turned it into a football. 011-2
This was caused by two things. First that I cut the material so that it would stretch the long ways, not out the ways, causing the head to stretch out like a football. The second was that I made the widths of the pieces too thin. I had this problem when I was originally starting and fell into again with this doll.

039-2I made ANOTHER mistake in the third image. Cutting the torso to stretch lengthwise again, I ended up with a very contorted torso. I had to cut all the limbs off and start over. I suppose I could have altered the design but it wasn’t the way I wanted so there was nothing for it.