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Bouncer – Progress

Bouncer – Head attached

As you can see I attached Bouncer’s head and even finished her face. I’m toying with how to make her shirt and what size her hands should be. I was originally thinking about the size of my hands but I’m rethinking that as they seem much too big comparatively.

Bouncer is supposed to have outlandishly large hands……however that might be a little TOO outlandish

Props if you can name the odds and ends on my sewing machine and on mah TV. 


Bouncer – Concept

BOUNCER – Sketchs

More terrible photos of my sketches ! Hurrah!

The first is a picture of the overall design, the second is a look at my wonderfully awful selection of colored pencils and color schemes.

Bouncer’s color scheme is highly influenced by a hiphop designer I happen to be a fan of by the name of Artful Dodger. Unfortunately the brand has apparently declined since it was allegedly bought by Jay-Z, since none of the current stock is anything like the original pieces I bought four years ago, is an image that closely approximates the aesthetic I truly admired in the earlier work by this designer. Artful Dodger [used] to marry Victorian Imagery with a HipHop and Graffiti aesthetic. It was truly remarkable….. 
However what I see now when I search the  designer is nothing like that. Its a pity. 

ANYWAY, Bouncer’s color scheme is based heavily on Artful Dodgers color scheme. This is mainly because I had thrown some of the fleece I’ve been using over on the drawers and I glanced over and the colors that fell together were wonderful in a very IN YOUR FACE kind of way. They reminded me of my Artful Dodger Tshirts and I realized that pop culture aesthetic was truly perfect for Greed. 

Diana – Progress

DIANA – Beginning 

I am not currently hard at work on Diana, the LittleDead of Pride!
I debated for a while between her and Bouncer over who got Pride and who got Greed but in the end, Diana got Pride because I originally had her as Vanity……..until I learned that wasn’t one of the 7 sins………
Sigh, I suppose thats what I get for not going to the Catholic high school. Just don’t know my sins.  

Tybalt – Progressing

TYBALT – Putting on the Ritz
So  These are just a few in progress images of Tybalt’s clothes. 

The first being his PANTS! Which are made from a pair of MY OWN old pinstripe pants. I’m sure you are amazed at my repurposing of old material.  

The second is my very careful painting of the edge of Tybalt’s cloak. Tybalt is a witchywitch and thus he must have a  cloak. I used a mix of white,black, and lilac paint along with a acrylic to fabric paint converter. The goal was to make the edge seem worn and dusty, give it character. 
Due to the way it falls I had to do both the inside and the outside of the cloak.