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Dervish the LittleDead of Confusion

1: So the original design is the one on bottom, as you can probably not see, it was a dress made out of zippers. I don’t know why I associated that with confusion, I think I mostly wanted something punk. Derv’s new design (on top) is SO much more on point. Her imagery is very grey/black but her hair is going to be a grey blue, mostly to break up the monotony and…I don’t have a dark grey fleece. I suppose I could go buy some but I think the blue will cement the blustery day motif. The new clothes are so much better and are a supposed to evoke a sense that the designer changed their mind halfway through. 

2. New Design

3. In Progress

4. Fabric I pulled out and might use. I am getting so much mileage out of those old pinstripe pants. Recognize em? Tybalt is Wearing them too XPAnd if you recognize the gingham and spots, that’s from Banshee’s dress. The weird fluffy white stuff? My old sorta curtain inside a curtain thing. WERK IT GRRL

On the up and up

So in a minor update, I havent been sewing recently because my studio is filled with moving boxes. Its rather irritating. The room needs new storage facilities and Mum and I are debating how they should go. However whenever we’re about to get started something happens…… Like Appendicitis.
Anyway, in my spare time, which I now have a lot of as I am stuck in bed recovering from surgery, I have been designing LDs based on tentacled sea creatures. After designing a generic octopus inspired LD named Sheila, I worked on a LD based on my favorite tentacled sea creature,Vampyroteuthis infernalis, THE VAMPIRE SQUID FROM HELL. I’m debating names at the moment, but what exactly do you name a vampire squid from hell?