Mobdro App for PC, Android, iOS – Download Free Streaming Online

The Mobdro App, also commonly known as the Mobdro TV, is an app basically developed to work on the Android platform, which allows its users to watch movies and videos available on the web, by streaming them. The number of downloads for this app have shot up since the introduction of some of the cool features it presents.

Prominent Features Of Mobdro App

Mobdro App’s cool features take video streaming to a different level, altogether. Some stunning features have been mentioned here for your knowledge:

  • Offline Videos: any required video can be searched for and downloaded for watching later when internet connection is not available.
  • Online Ads: the Mobdro Download App does not display any while streaming videos and thus provide a disturbance free environment.
  • Bookmarks: Using this feature, previous browses and searches can be viewed and watched again.
  • Chromecast Support: This feature enables watching videos from the smartphone on the TV.
  • Sleep Times: This feature can be used to set the device on sleep so as to save battery.
  • Highlights: The app lists out highlights of news and sports channels streamed by its users.
  • Sharing: Favorite streamed and downloaded videos can be shared with friends via the Mobdro App, with just a few clicks.
  • Categorize: The videos we stream can be categorized under various genres by the users.
  • No Login: Unlike other apps in this segment, the Mobdro App does not require any login details and the app does not need any registration.
  • User Interface: The UI is very comfortable and easy to use. Its navigation bar has options such as Functions, Downloads, Favorites and Categories.

How to install Mobdro App On Android?

The tutorial given below shows the installation process on Android devices, smartphones or tablets. The app cannot be downloaded through an app store and needs to be downloaded from Mobdro App’s official website.

These simple steps need to be followed:

  1. Enable Download From Unknown Source:

This step may differ from device to device. All that needs to be done is change the settings of the device by going into SETTING option and clicking on SECURITY. Here, switch ON the option for “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.

  1. Download Mobdro App:

The web browser is opened from the device and the Mobdro App is downloaded from ts official website. Its latest .APK file should be searched for. The Mobdro App downloaded from here is the fully functional app.

  1. Installation Of Mobdro App:

After the process of downloading is over and the device shows notification for the same, the notification is tapped to initiate the installation run.

  1. Confirmation:

The app confirms the requirements of the Mobdro App like, network access.

  1. Enjoy:

Once this is done, you can enjoy streaming of favorite videos online all for free.

What are the common problems encountered with the Mobdro App?

Here are some common problems seen while using the app:

  1. If the category list in the app is empty, the network settings need to be changed to Google Public DNS.
  2. If a window shows “check your connection”, the internet connection needs to be checked and reconnected. If there are no connection issues, the version of Mobro App used might be an older one and should be upgraded to a new one.
  3. If the user gets a “Parse Error”, it shows that the device version is lower than what is required for the Mobdro App to run smoothly. This app was designed for Android version 4.1 and above.


The wonder app, Mobdro App, allows the users to not only stream their favorite movies, videos and also, traditional TV channels. The app is available for free for all its users, but it also provides a Premium, paid version with many more exciting features.