Bigo Live for BlackBerry-Features and Download

No one would have ever imagined that technology will squeeze-in the political walls and the world will actually become a smaller place even though expanding its physical horizons every day. The introduction of social messengers that lets the user send and receive text messages, audio messages and videos have had a significant role in this transition. While the text messages, audios, videos and international and domestic calls have been a common feature for most of these social applications, there are a few other applications that have managed to think out of box.

For instance, Bigo Live for Blackberry.  This one is much more than a regular social messenger application. It is actually a video broadcasting application that lets its users display their personal talents and share them with the other users of the application. On the other hand, they also get to see the talent of other users and follow them as well.

Bigo Live is compatible with almost all the platforms like for Android, iOS, Windows phone and Windows PC, Mac and of course Blackberry! Read on to know more about the features and how to download Bigo Live for BlackBerry in the article that follows.

Features of Bigo Live for Blackberry

A must-have video streaming application that can give you that instant stardom overnight, allows you to share your hidden talent with the people around the world apart from the following features:

  1. Interact with celebrities:

If you are a user of Bigo Live, you can easily interact with the celebrities of FaceBook and YouTube and the star broadcasters, all for free!

  1. Enjoy videos anywhere and anytime:

A good internet connection is all you need to be able to watch and share the live broadcast of videos from anywhere and at any time using the Bigo Live.

  1. Follow your friends on the app:

The application allows you to follow several other Bigo Live users while being followed at the same time as well.

  1. Get virtual gifts:

Express your fan following for the other users of the application by sending those virtual gifts like hearts, lollipops, diamonds, and beans and much more to them. And also feel good when you get a few for yourself as well.

  1. Send text messages:

Enjoy the most interesting and animated conversations through text messages, sharing pictures and adding fun emojis to them.

  1. Make international and domestic calls:

The international and domestic call feature in Bigo Live lets the user call his friends or followers staying in the same country or seven seas far and have an interaction absolutely free!

  1. Other activities:

There are several activities in the application that take place both online and offline. The users can well participate in them and get a chance to win several prizes including the virtual gifts (diamonds, hearts, Lollipops, Beans etc.)

  1. Guest Live feature:

There is a Guest Live option in the app. With the help of this feature, the user can invite his friends to co-host his personal live broadcast as well and make it much more interesting.