iPhone Speeding up to competitors with its Dual SIM support in 2018

iPhone can be credit for several features; their superior built quality, super smooth processors, crisp image quality, a steeping price tag, but one thing which has been lacking in every model of Apple’s iPhone since their conception is the Dual SIM feature. iPhone users have often silently whined about this feature being missing in all of Apple’s models.

iPhone Speeding up to competitors with its Dual SIM support in 2018

Finally, 2018 will have a major happy ending planned for Apple’s loyal users. iPhone is finally coming up to pace with the rest of the world and installing a Dual SIM feature in their iPhone Tutorials.

KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo has excitedly revealed this news for their Apple fans, and the new feature is to make rounds next year in 2018. What’s more, these Dual SIM iPhones now come with LTE+LTE support as well! That sounds like a double bonanza from Apple!

Now here comes the trifecta of Apple news; the new iPhone models with Dual SIM feature is rumoured to link up with Intel to provide 5G modems on the future iPhone, which means faster speeds and an even better experience! Apple fans are at the edge of their seats and simply cannot wait for this trifecta to be released. It seems like Apple has finally heard the prayers of their loyal fans and decided to give them a reward for their long, over-drawn wait.

While Dual SIM smartphones are a regular deal on most Android or Windows models, Apple somehow has stayed one step away from this feature on all of its devices. However, seems like after intense research and requests by Apply fans, KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has finally decided to unveil the future iPhone with dual SIM facilities in the second half of 2018. Apple has even gone one step further and decided that unlike other models which support LTE+3G on their dual SIM models, Apple’s new iPhone would be supporting LTE+LTE on their dual SIM iPhone. Hopefully, Apple will be able to link up with Intel’s XMM7560 along with Qualcomm’s SDX 20 models and give their Apple users a faster wireless connectivity speed on their models.

However, there are still rumours floating around that Apple might release their new iPhone models with the absence of Qualcomm modems. After the recent disputes of Qualcomm with Apple, where the former had sued Apple for breaching its contract with Qualcomm and sharing information with Intel to make broadband modems for their users, the future of iPhone and iPads might just be without Qualcomms help with Apple.

As of now, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of the new Dual SIM models of their iPhone. While 5G supported smartphones would become a regular among Android models by the year 2019, Apple is trying to make it a reality in their next iPhone models itself. This means that Apple fans will be able to enjoy this new technology on their iPhone models before it hits the rest of the Android phones. Apple fans eagerly awaiting!