Tybalt – The Hat


The most important element of Tybalt’s character is of course the over-sized hat. In face I suppose it could be argued that Tybalt is either just the hat or the hat is merely wearing Tybalt as a vehicle towards its evil ends. None the less, I see them as a single character, the hat acting as a more visual symbol of the more mental issues surrounding impulse control and gluttonous behavior. The eyes are bigger than the stomach and all that. Or in this case I suppose the Hat is bigger than yer bloody torso. 

It also has fangs.

I have since read that my own nail biting habit is an impulse control disorder related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have had a former roommate tell me that I was extremely OCD, to the point where she bought me a pin that had some joke about being OCD….. I was extremely confused at the time since I do not find myself to be all that OCD, just rather particular about certain things.

I suppose my OCDness could explain my rather desperate need to keep my bedroom as I like it and not have any alien influences. I get extremely put off when things get changed by outside parties, such as when my bed was replaced with my bed from college, I threw a huge hissy fit and was in a black mood for weeks. I wonder if that is technically OCD?

None of this is really related of course, but I suppose this is to track my own reflections on each doll as well as their own individual progress.