Navigating Gluttony

Well I had to allow myself chocolate before I could go back to Tybalt. Gotta keep in with the theme and all that.

hand1Been working on Tybalt’s hands. They’re articulated with pipe cleaners covered by the same fleece I’ve been using for the bodies. I think Gluttony needs to be able to grasp things non?


Less so than Greed but still, theres an element of needing to hold on.

I continually have this issue that if something isn’t quite right, isn’t yet the way its meant to be…it won’t work for me.

Tybalt’s hands are almost right but I need to rethink his arms…

Like I continue to say, Gluttony to me is about lack of impulse control not limited to food. In this way theres a crossover with the other sins, although to be honest I think they all have similarities between them. handsize