Day 2 Siesta

Welding is a very hot activity. You have to wear leather and layers all over to protect yourself from the OMG BURNING HOT that is the welding point. And then you can’t touch it or you DIE! I’m kidding. You just get gnarly burns.

Anyway, Its 3pm and the sun is beating down like hell on a pancake so I am taking a siesta.

I have looked at how the dolls sit in the tree and it has make me realize that three branches is not enough. Each doll really just needs their own branch., And in the photos I have Ophelia on the bottom but really she cannot truly express her existential angst when no one can appreciate her beautiful desolation…. So she needs to be higher.
I also had planned on putting two dolls on one branch but I have realized that might be too busy. I kind of want metal name tags for them  but I dont know if I have time to learn to use the lazer cutter.
I’ll have to see.