Day 1 Conclusion

I am sitting in my hotel room (wonderfully furnished by my darling and adoring parents) ((I had originally planned on sleeping in my car))(((this room is much more comfortable)))((((And it has a shower))))
So I shall conclude Day 1.

Build is going well, I have an unfortunate lack of materials though. Usually I just use scrap but there is a SHOCKING lack of scrap metal about because of the clean up last week.

I may have to head to Urban Ore for reinforcements.

Other than that, its going well. I’m sunburned and my top lip tingles for some reason….. kinda worrying.

I only set myself on fire once. The edge of my work jeans caught on fire but I dealt with it quickly enough. In my long history of welding this has only happened three times, I suppose I find it interesting.

I decided to leave for the night due to the lack of good parts, I am going to wake up early and salvage more from the metal shop. 

Part of me wonders if I should “plush” the tree as well. Wrap it in black material. 

I’m highly considering it…..