Bouncer – Concept

BOUNCER – Sketchs

More terrible photos of my sketches ! Hurrah!

The first is a picture of the overall design, the second is a look at my wonderfully awful selection of colored pencils and color schemes.

Bouncer’s color scheme is highly influenced by a hiphop designer I happen to be a fan of by the name of Artful Dodger. Unfortunately the brand has apparently declined since it was allegedly bought by Jay-Z, since none of the current stock is anything like the original pieces I bought four years ago, is an image that closely approximates the aesthetic I truly admired in the earlier work by this designer. Artful Dodger [used] to marry Victorian Imagery with a HipHop and Graffiti aesthetic. It was truly remarkable….. 
However what I see now when I search the  designer is nothing like that. Its a pity. 

ANYWAY, Bouncer’s color scheme is based heavily on Artful Dodgers color scheme. This is mainly because I had thrown some of the fleece I’ve been using over on the drawers and I glanced over and the colors that fell together were wonderful in a very IN YOUR FACE kind of way. They reminded me of my Artful Dodger Tshirts and I realized that pop culture aesthetic was truly perfect for Greed.