Suffering Sloth

In a true example of my current doll Sloth, I didn’t work on her for a week. 
Now I think she’s angry with me. Or at least apathetic to helping me.

Everything I do is wrong. I’ve redone her eyes three of four times but am never happy with them. I have to be careful since the black thread I’m using tends to leave dye traces on the yellow material. I’ve pinned multiple outfits to her. I’ve re-sewn her hair twice and I just had to fix her mouth.

Honestly I’ve been working for the last five hours and have very little to show for it. I’m getting slightly worried that she’s being irritable on purpose. Her outfit doesn’t lend to the same patchwork quality of Banshee or Harlot, being much more drapey and flowing. 

Drapey is apparently not a word.

Perhaps I am experiencing the essence of Sloth….. where nothing gets done regardless of effort or lack thereof.