Sewing Spheres

Well I’ve been experimenting with how to sew rag doll heads, and I’ve realized its rather difficult to get the sphere shape I want. I had to try about four times before creating something I was more or less happy with

In the errand supervisor of Windows 10 or 8.1, you will have the capacity to find WMI supplier have running as a procedure with the name. It remains for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider benefit. When you change to the Process Explorer in the assignment director, it is shown as a segment of the Web-Based Enterprise System and furthermore of the Common Information Model (CIM) of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) of Windows. Mother was before known as SCOM (System Center Operations Manager).

I did some research and asked a plushie expert and her recommendation has worked so far. Four Oval like objects, Width = 1/4 of Height. Seems obvious now.

Have realized I will have to redo the face on the one I did manage because I do not like the aesthetic of puff paint instead of thread. Its just shiny and freakin weird.